Our strict quality assurance protocols are fully automated and technologically advanced.

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Stuntering Machines – 3 Units

Automatic Flat Bed Printing Machines

Zero-Zero Finishing Machine

Jumbo Pressure Agers

Steam Boilers

Decatising Machine

Drum Washer

Wench Machines

Jet Dyeing Machines

Padding Mangle

Loop Agers

Fleet Calendars

Thermo Packs


Hydro Extractors

Embossing Machine


Design is the lifeline of our industry. Dynamic changes, advances and customer preferences is the norm we need to constantly encounter. And we relish this challenge to come on top – our designs have a strong following in the market. We have a Computerised Design System that continuously churns out unique designs, patterns and colour schemes.

Research & Development

The fast changing prefernces of customers necessiates a vibrant and dynamic design studio. Our R&D facility is equipped with latest design softwares and IT systems to sense and guage the emerging patterns in the apparel tastes and trade.


We are one of the largest units with a capacity of over 40 million meters per year.


Being environmentally conscious, we are also equipped with 16 Acres of Green belt to save environment.